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Stain Removal Stockton

Stain Removal Stockton

Stainsheild Professional Stain Protector
Clarks are licensed Stainshield applicators and have treated literally thousands of square feet of carpets and fabric. Stainguard Professional keeps your furniture and your carpets looking newer for longer. Stainguard forms an invisible and durable shield around carpet fibres, so that most liquids cannot penetrate them and are easily blotted away.

First Aid Stain Treatment
Accidents will happen, if something gets spilled on your carpet, take prompt action to prevent staining.
You will need some clean white absorbent cloth or tissue and four basic solutions.

  • 1. Dry Cleaning Solution
  • 2 Detergent Solution
    One teaspoon of gentle detergent for washing woolens to half a pint of warm water
  • 3 Detergent and Vinegar Solution
    Add one teaspoon of white vinegar to the detergent solution
  • 4 Ammonia Solution
    One teaspoon of branded household ammonia available from hardware stores to one cup of warm water

Tackle stains as follows
Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid foods and Urine
Blot up surplus spillage. Use detergent vinegar solution, work from outer edge of stain, using a little at a time
Blotting up with dry cloths frequently

Chocolate, blood, sweets, glue, egg, ice cream, milk and vomit
Scrape up excess with a blunt knife, use a detergent solution starting at the outer edge. Blot dry
Follow up with ammonia solution and blot dry

Solids, Fats, Tar, Chewing gum, ointment and shoe polish. Scrape up excess with a blunt knife then use a dry cleaning solution followed by
Detergent and vinegar, then blot dry

Unknown stains
Scrape up or blot surplus spillage, use a dry cleaning solvent, followed by clean luke warm water
Blot dry. If further treatment is needed use either detergent or detergent and vinegar solution then blot dry

Scrape up solids, blot up liquids, taking plenty of time. It is worth the effort
Mix the solutions accurately, test it on an out of the way piece of carpet, always work from the outer edge of the stain
NEVER OVER WET, Dab rather than scrub or rub hard, even though you do not completely remove the stain, the correct routine will give your professional cleaner, when called in, the best possible chance of success

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Stain Removal Stockton


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